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Interconnect Design Solutions (IDS) advantage with OrCAD Library Builder

Many companies find themselves needing to create and/or manage part libraries for their customers. The library creation process for PCB’s can be time consuming and is not cost effective (the average time to create a part typically exceeds 1 hour per part). Typically, engineers need to manually build symbols and footprints from component datasheet specs and then manually verify the footprint and symbol match. Due to the amount of manual steps, your chance for error is greatly increased. However, companies like Interconnect Design Solutions (IDS) take an extra step and go above and beyond in regards to PCB design. IDS decided to take matters in to their own hands and increased their efficiency with OrCAD Library Builder.



Interconnect Design Solutions is a Printed Wiring Board (PWB) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) consulting firm who provides engineering solutions throughout the aerospace, automotive, telecom, and consumer electronics industries. After a thorough search, IDS selected OrCAD Library Builder to streamline and improve their library creation process.



“Library management is not typically something customers have budgeted time or money for. We need an effective way to ensure the libraries were correct without impacting customers timeline and budget”- Mike Brown, President, IDS



OrCAD Library builder has given IDS the skills to create and manage part libraries with ease. OrCAD Library Builder has increased efficiency and decreased time. While OrCAD Library Builder is already providing an immediate benefit for IDS and their customers, they are evaluating some additional features to further improve their workflow and provide value added services to their clients.



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