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Why Move Up to Allegro 17.2-2016? Via Structures – The Next Generation High Speed Routing Solution (Reason 8 of 10)

Via transitions are very common for signals. And in high-speed frequencies, these via transitions can be a major contributor to signal degradation in PCB interconnects. High-speed channels require ground via(s) close to critical signals to reduce loss of signal integrity by providing continuous return current path when signals transition layers.



If you are a PCB design engineer, you know very well that layout implementation to meet these requirements can be complex and time-consuming. Oftentimes, current methodologies employed are manual, tedious, and prone to layout errors or misses. It is easy to forget to add return path via(s) on critical signals or leave behind the return path vias when the critical signal routing has been moved. In addition, adding custom voids around high-speed diff pairs when they transition between layers is a cumbersome manual process today. And the nightmare doesn’t end there… how about if you need to make edits to the hundreds of high speed via transitions with return paths you painstakingly placed in your design because they don’t meet specs? Talk about hours if not days of re-work.

This is why we came up with the new High-Speed Via Structures – a unique methodology that allows you to create reusable elements where you can define correct-by-design high speed via transitions with custom return paths and voids.



Now, it is a whole lot easier and faster to place any repeated routing patterns in design or re-use them in other databases – think complex high-speed structures, custom diff pair gathers, various test structures, and breakout patterns … the possibilities are endless of what you can define as Via Structures. 



The Via Structures also stay together during placement and interactive editing so they can never be unintentionally altered, a very important feature to ensure the design intent always remains intact.



But what really sets Via Structures apart is its ability to easily handle changes. Made a mistake? No problem, modifying and replacing any or all of the placed Via Structures with a different Via Structure is a breeze.



Want to quickly replace a thru via with stacked blind buried vias and also add a return path via? Breathe easy. We have a Replace Via with Via Structure option as well.



Via Structures provide a faster and easier mechanism to meet today’s complex high-speed signal routing requirements. Explore and harness the power of Via Structures today!


*This post was originally published on Cadence.com

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