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Tools to Train the Next Generation of Engineers

New technologies are emerging at a rapid pace. This makes educating the next generation even more pertinent than before. To better prepare future engineers, we must provide students with access to the tools, and information they need to keep pace with the latest innovations. Without advanced resources and educational programs, we are blocking the creation of a stronger engineering base.


The emergence of the internet (and later software) has evolved teaching methods. In-depth materials and resources have become available, creating an easier and more enjoyable learning process. Thirty year EE veteran, Rocco Calvello, knows first-hand how much the internet has served to accelerate education. “The Internet would have made a huge difference. [Before the internet] all research had to be done at a local library,” Rocco said. Nowadays, students can find sources best suited to their learning style. Read-write learners can read blogs and articles, or take part in community forums for instant help and guidance. While visual and auditory learners can simplify complicated coursework through videos, tutorials, and demos.


The internet is not the only provider of learning resources. Companies such as Cadence and EMA provide students with free versions of their software. OrCAD Lite is a free download which provides a full suite of PCB design tools including OrCAD Capture and PSpice. Built into the software is a collection of  learning resource which provide students with a “hands on” approach to learning through real-life applications. Resources cover topics such as Ohms and Kirchoff’s Voltage Law, as well as PCB layout, simulation, and manufacturing output.


With the rise of the internet, students can now educate themselves at a faster pace than ever before. Although the theorems haven’t changed, the way we educate students has.


Download our free OrCAD Lite version here.


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