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Allegro Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

After the success of our other OrCAD keyboard shortcut infographics, we decided to create one for Allegro users. The Allegro Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet includes common shortcuts Allegro users utilize in an easy to read, infographic format.

Allegro Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

There are different methods for shortcuts in Allegro compared to OrCAD. Let’s decipher the cheat sheet:

  1. Each shortcut begins with either Alias or Funckey:
    • Funckey: Press the keyboard key at any time during the PCB layout
    • Alias: Activate the command window and click in the command line before using the defined shortcut keys.
  1. Next, is the keyboard keys which are used to activate the command. Within these command definitions:
    • C stands for Ctrl
    • S stands for Shift

  1. Finally, is the corresponding command. Some of these commands display the code which can be entered into the command window to achieve the same action.

For those of you who want more time-saving tips and tricks, we’ve also created a bonus sheet for you to download. The bonus sheet includes Allegro shortcuts that aren’t as wildly known, but are extremely useful for the avid user.

How to Get the Allegro Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

You can print and download the cheat sheet here and the bonus sheet here for your own personal use. So now instead of scouring the internet trying to find those simple, effective, and time-saving shortcuts for Allegro, you can find them right here, in one (or two) printable cheat sheets.

Additional Time-Saving Resources

We’ve put together cheat sheets containing keyboard shortcuts to streamline your PCB design process, regardless of which software you are using:

Utilize these keyboard shortcuts along with our other learning materials, how-tos, walk-throughs, and courses at EMA Academy.

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