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OrCAD Capture Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Updated 1/31/2020

After releasing the PSpice keyboard shortcut infographic, we realized OrCAD Capture users could benefit from a shortcuts cheat sheet as well.  This cheat sheet includes common keyboard shortcuts to minimize mouse clicks and streamline the schematic design process. Instead of searching through menu options and toolbars, designer’s can use OrCAD Capture keyboard shortcuts for frequently used commands such as:

  • Placing Parts, Ground, and Power
  • Placing Wires and Connetions
  • Finding Design Elements
  • Undo/Redo
  • Zoom In/Zoom Out

OrCAD Capture Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

OrCAD Capture Keyboard Shortcuts Infographic

How to Get the OrCAD Capture Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Now instead of scouring the internet trying to find those simple, effective, and time-saving shortcuts for Capture, you can find them right here, in a printable, easy to read cheat sheet. You can print and download the cheat sheet here  for your own personal use, or even for other OrCAD Capture users you believe could benefit from these time saving shortcuts.  

Additional Time-Saving Resources

We’ve put together cheat sheets containing keyboard shortcuts to streamline your PCB design process, regardless of which software you are using:

Utilize these keyboard shortcuts along with our other learning materials, how-tos, walk-throughs, and courses at EMA Academy.


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