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Where To Find SPICE Models

Virtual prototyping is often used to accelerate the design process. Instead of building a prototype to troubleshoot and verify circuit functionality, the design can be modeled and simulated electronically. Using PSpice models for simulation and design can accurately model and simulate electronic circuits in any combination of analog or digital devices. SPICE models are required for each component in the design to accurately analyze circuit performance, optimize designs, and troubleshoot functionality; however, determining where to find reliable and accurate SPICE models can be difficult.

While PSpice contains many generic models, which are a great starting point to understand circuit behavior, for improved accuracy, engineers often turn to component manufacturers. By sourcing simulation models directly from the manufacturer, engineers can better understand how the component behaves. These simulation models often include component-specific information such as material properties, performance specifications, operating conditions, user input, and more. By utilizing these models, a more accurate representation of circuit behavior is created so engineers can analyze realistic simulations, make informed design decisions, and increase the likelihood of design success.  

Where to Find SPICE Models?

There are several ways to obtain reliable models for simulation.

Manufacturer’s Websites

One of the best ways to find SPICE models for simulation and design is to visit the manufacturer’s website. Along with detailed component information, many manufacturers will provide supporting resources and documentation including SPICE models, reference designs, and more.

Where to find spice models on manufacturer's websites

Ultra Librarian 

Ultra Librarian is another resource for finding PSpice models for simulation and design. It contains a vast repository of component models, simulation models, and reference designs to accelerate the PCB design process.

Where to find spice models from ultra librarian


To shorten your search process, you can visit PSpice.com. Here multiple manufacturer’s SPICE models can be browsed and searched all in one location. Manufacturers include Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Analog Devices, STMicroelectronics, and more.

What File Format do I need for PSpice Simulation?

To perform a PSpice simulation, models must be in the .lib format–this is the preferred file format as no conversion is necessary. However, the file format manufacturers provide may vary. Luckily, if manufacturers don’t provide a .lib simulation model, there is a simple conversion process. Check out our step-by-step tutorial for how to create a PSpice model from a text file.


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