Productivity Toolbox

Accelerate the PCB Design Process with Integrated, Time-Saving Features

What is the Productivity Toolbox?

The Productivity Toolbox is a comprehensive suite of utilities seamlessly integrated into OrCAD PCB Editor. This collection of time-reducing functions as well as advanced functionality are built to enhance and optimize your existing PCB layout capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Improve overall productivity and efficiency
  • Streamline time-consuming, monotonous tasks
  • Enhance existing PCB design capabilities

Key Features

See how Productivity Toolbox can benefit your design flow

Polar Grids

Polar grids can be used to efficiently layout PCBs which require circular placement and routing. Placement, routing, and shape editing can be performed using a defined polar grid.

Coil Designer

Quickly generate planar spiral inductors on a PCB with the Coil Designer. Coil creation is easily customized with support for round, rectangle, octagon, and hexagon shapes as well as full configuration for width, spacing, number of turns, and more.

Shield Router

Quickly create shields for critical nets in your designs. Shields are added to signal traces while routing or through selection on the PCB canvas based on the inputted parameters.

Mask Generator

Quickly generate oversized mask data while preserving the original padstack. Oversized soldermasks and pastemasks due to manufacturing requirements are automatically created on the Manufacturing subclass based on the defined parameters.

Shield Generator

Quickly add the required via shielding to the entire board or surrounding specific circuitry to help combat noise. Easily define the desired location for the shield or select an existing boundary to add via shielding based on the defined parameters.

Label Tune

Automatically adjust component reference designators, values, part numbers, and more for improved readability. Automatic rotation, centering, fitting, and mirroring as well as various options for block size, block height, and boundary clearances saves time when creating assembly drawings and improves readability on the PCB.

The full list of modules includes:

  • Advanced Mirror
  • Barcode
  • Batch Plot
  • Assign Net to Via (Change Net)
  • Change Width
  • Class Color
  • Cross Copy
  • Drawing Size
  • Highlight Dummy Pins
  • Padstack Finder
  • Label Tune
  • Net Visibility Manager
  • PCB Library Plot
  • Polar Grid
  • Post Processing
  • Quick Symbol Edit
  • Shape Utilities -Boolean
  • Shape Utilities- Advanced Priority Control
  • Coil Designer
  • Custom Variables
  • Design Compare
  • Mask Generator
  • Panelization
  • Push 2 Grid
  • Shield Generator
  • Shield Router
  • Variant Assembly
  • Variant BOM
  • ZDRC

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