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Top Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Tools

signal integrity and power integrity tools

The performance of all electronic circuit boards is directly proportional to the quality of the electrical signals that travel on and through them. Signal quality can generally be defined as how well an electrical signal or waveform matches a set of defined parametric objectives; such as amplitude, speed or frequency, clarity and power. To ensure the best design techniques are instituted to achieve these goals, PCB designers rely on signal integrity and power integrity tools for simulation and analyses.

Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Tools Comparison

The best PCB design software programs may include functionality to help you incorporate best practices intended to improve signal integrity and power integrity, SI and PI, respectively. However, the best board performance typically requires advanced capabilities provided by PCB design support software. Many of these programs are specialized and target a single design challenge; however, we have compiled a list of the top tools based on their ability to help you optimize your design for signal and power integrity.


SI/PI Tool

In-design Analyses Workflow


Design Overlay Results Views


3D Simulation


ECAD Tool Agnostic Integration









HyperLynx SI
HyperLynx PI




Ansys SIwave









Sigrity is a comprehensive universal design workbench that includes advanced signal integrity and power integrity tool capabilities. In addition to providing workflow-driven simulation analysis results directly on the PCB design view, this software solution mitigates the major drawback of the typical PCB design verification process, which is often extensive post-design checking → error identification → redesign → post-design checking →… cycles. Driven by the fastest analyses engines available, Sigrity enables engineers to check and correct as they design, thereby design and development can be optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Program features include the following:


SIMULIA, by Dassault Systèmes, is a 3D simulation and analysis platform that includes functionality for many engineering applications, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and structural analyses. The signal integrity and power integrity tools, which exhibit the features below, can be utilized by multiple EDA software programs.

  • Signal Integrity Features
    • Full-wave 3D electromagnetic analysis
    • Electromechanical device analysis
  • Power Integrity Features
    • IC component and packaging analysis
    • IR power plane analyses

HyperLynx SI and HyperLynx PI

HyperLynx SI and HyperLynx PI are targeted modules, by Siemens, which can be bundled to provide simulation and analysis capabilities to maximize board performance operation. Key features include the following: 

  • Signal Integrity Features
    • Pre and post layout verification
    • Analyses of DDR memory interfaces
    • Progressive verification serial link compliance analysis
  • Power Integrity Features
    • PDN optimization

Ansys SIwave

SIwave is a joint signal integrity and power integrity tool from Ansys that can be used in lieu of or in conjunction with other dedicated SI, electromagnetic and thermal offerings. The program also includes mechanical reliability capabilities and dedicated extractions for touch panels, converters and busbars. Noted features include:

  • Signal Integrity Features
    • Virtual compliance verification
    • Automated capacitor decoupling optimization
  • Power Integrity Features
    • Electrothermal analysis
    • IC and PCB packaging analysis


Similar to Sigrity Aurora, eCADSTAR provides engineers with a results overlay on the PCB design view. The program provides both AC and DC power integrity analysis, in addition to signal integrity simulations. Important features are:

  • Signal Integrity Features
    • What-If electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis
    • Worst-case emissions analysis
  • Power Integrity Features
    • 2.5D IR voltage drop frequency domain analysis
    • Various shaped ground/power plane analysis

Choosing the Best SI/PI Software Tool for Your PCB Design

For today’s complex PCB designs, simulation is essential to ensure operational and performance objectives are met prior to sending for manufacturing. In some cases, a signal integrity or power integrity solution is sufficient to meet your design requirements. However, when both SI and PI are premium objectives, a comprehensive software simulation tool may be the best option to optimize your PCB development process and avoid unnecessary time delay and additional costs for redesign and respins. Maximally leveraging these capabilities is best achieved by following guidelines, as listed below.

EMA Design Automation is a leading provider of the resources that engineers rely on to accelerate innovation. We provide solutions that include PCB design and analysis packages, custom integration software, engineering expertise, and a comprehensive academy of learning and training materials, which enable you to create more efficiently. For more information on choosing the right signal integrity and power integrity tools and how we can help you or your team innovate faster, contact us.



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