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Simple Drawing Creation

Draw elements by simply dragging and dropping from a tools pallet menu or use the drawing detail wizard to automate layer stack-up, finger chamfer and V-Score drawings.

ECOs are No Problem

All drawing elements remain linked to the source CAD data—making any updates or changes a snap.

Design Driven Documentation

Import CAD data to drive the documentation creation process, while additional external content may be imported and incorporated in the drawings.

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Additional information and details are available in the OrCAD Documentation Editor datasheet.

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Save Time and Reduce Errors

Stop doing things the old manual way. See how easy PCB design documentation can be with OrCAD Documentation Editor.

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Output to Your Desired Format

Documentation Editor allows for simple and quick export to the formats you need. Easily produce documentation for your release package and share files with others via PDF. 

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Automating the documentation process has never been easier

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