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The Power of OrCAD with

Design Library, Data & Supply Chain Intelligence Built-In

Collaborate Natively

Easily collaborate no matter where you are with multiple ways to access design data. Automated notifications and real-time dashboards keeps you up-to-date on project status.

Unified PCB Design Environment

Access the only unified, scalable PCB design platform built to grow with you. Design, analyze, manage, and build all within a single environment with "best-in-class in every class" technology.


Design & Library Data Management

Managing your design & libraries should not require a whole new set of tools and personnel. Explore our integrated design and library management solutions to enable fast, efficient, and traceable data & library management all built inside the CAD tools you use every day.


Supply Chain Intelligence

Identify and prevent part availability, obsolescence, lifecycle, and more while designing with embedded real-time supply chain data. Solve supply chain problems before they happen to ensure a smooth path to production.


Simulation & Analysis

Ensure your design is electrically correct from the start with built-in engines for SPICE and SI analysis. Providing real-time views into design performance direclty in the PCB canvas.


ECAD-MCAD Collaboration

Electrical and mechanical design requirements are more intertwined than ever. See how EMA enables seamless collaboration between ECAD and MCAD with automated change tracking, change approvals, and native file support.


Highspeed Constraint Driven Design

Manage your high speed interconnects with real-time constraint checking and access to the industry leading rules management and routing engine.


DFM & Release to Manufacturing

Where the rubber meets the road and your idea becomes a reality. Our integrated DFM and product release solutions allow you to prepare and check for manufacturing from the start and send your products to be built with confidence. 

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OrCAD Standard for Teams

Complete Front-to-Back PCB Design Flow with File Management and Collaboration Built-In

₹70000 / yr

$£2,200 £850 / yr

$2,580 $1,000 / yr

OrCAD Pro for Teams​​​​​​​

Advanced PCB Design with Data, Library, and Supply Chain Collaboration Built-In

₹180000 / yr

£4,450 £2,200 / yr

$5,310 $2,525 / yr

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your data is always yours. Data is stored on your own hardware or can be stored in any cloud service you prefer.

Yes. We are fully cloud-ready and agnostic. Unlike other solutions we are not here to lock you in to any propriatery cloud hosting environment. You are free to leverage any cloud infrastructure (internal or external) you prefer. Our team is here to help with any questions regarding implementation and deployments.

Yes! In fact, you can save even more since you are already a customer. In the case of an existing user this a simple upgrade to get you access to these new capabilities. Request an upgrade and our team can talk you through your options.

Yes, you can. Our team is happy to help walk you through how to do that. We can also perform the implementation as a service if you prefer.

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