PSpice Designer Suite

The gold standard in PCB simulation and analysis.

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Comprehensive Analysis Solutions

Ensure your design is right the first time with PSpice Designer suites.

Industry Leading Analysis

Advanced analysis capabilities and unparalleled convergence as well as full mixed-signal analysis ensures effective characterization of any design.

Extensive Model Support

In addition to the standard 33,000 model library, IC vendors across the globe provide models in PSpice format.

Integrated with Implementation

One common flow from analysis to PCB implementation means no need to create schematics twice or maintain completely separate libraries.

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PSpice Designer

Industry Standard Simulation Technology

  • Comprehensive analysis environment
  • OrCAD Capture for schematic entry
  • PSpice analog and mixed signal simulator
  • DC, AC, noise, and transient analysis
  • Auto convergence engine
  • Model Editor
  • IBIS model support
  • Advanced waveform displays with Probe
  • Behavioral modeling support
  • 33,000 part SPICE model library
PSpice Designer Plus

Analyze For Reliability, Cost and Yield

All the features in PSpice Designer, plus:

  • Cost analysis
  • Yield analysis
  • Design optimization
  • Reliability analysis
  • System C / C++ modelling and simulation
  • HW/SW Co-simulation
Additional Options

Easily enhance your design flow to meet your specific needs

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Additional information and details are available in the OrCAD PSpice Designer Suite datasheet.

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PSpice Designer suites center around industry standard PSpice technology. When it needs to work the first time engineers trust PSpice for its comprehensive simulation technologies and unparalleled accuracy.

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